Picking Your Wedding Menu

When it comes to the food at your wedding it usually carries the same level of importance as Thanksgiving, you plan around it but usually forget to plan the details until the last minute. That’s why we’re here to help make picking out your menu easy!

The Price

The first thing is to make sure you know what is included with the price you settled on, and whats not. Typically you should be doing this before you decide on your venue to help make that decision, but Hey, this is your wedding after all!

Here at MexLucky we make it extremely simple for you by giving you a layout of each menu with simple explanations of how many options you have for each category (followed by each option, of course!). Also, don't forget to ask if there are any add-ons included with anything on the menu! For example, we offer a complimentary ice sculpture with every seafood display during cocktail hour! Who doesn't love taking a big king crab leg from a giant seashell- made entirely of ice?!

Getting The Good Stuff

Another major thing to remember is to check your potential venue's for any promotions! They could have cocktail hour stations or full Viennese Gala's that they're giving away for free, all just for booking during a certain month! Maybe they aren't giving anything away for free, but I guaratee you you will find some promotions with lower pricing per person on their packages.


When deciding between menus and venues, be sure to look for originality. Who wants to be eating the same thing their mother ate at their wedding 30 years ago? Not me! Be sure to ask questions about the Chef and what he's been cooking up in the kitchen. Plain mini hot dogs? No thank you. Mini hot dogs with sour kraut and mustard rolled into the ever-so-fluffy dough before wrapping it around that luscious, tiny, cute hot dog? Yes please! (You can find this amazing creation here at MexLucky, of course!)

Who's in the Kitchen?

Lastly, make sure you test taste everything and anything you can! Tastings are a gift from the wedding gods that allow you to test everything about the venue from the food itself to the service. If you play your cards right you will even get to meet the Executive Chef where you can ask him any questions you have about the menu yourself! And don't forget that you can see the size of the portions, which is the most important part!

My own Father once went to a wedding at a very prestigious, well known venue in the Central NJ area that actually ran out of food at cocktail hour, and served more Dishes and Silverware than food during dinner. So make sure you test out those portions, and ask about the amount of food for your guests at cocktail hour. You wouldn't want any of your guests stopping at Burger King on the way home after all that money you spent!

And with that I leave you running off to tastings on the weekend, and doing research on menu options during the week at work.

Most importantly: Have Fun!

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