Who, What, When: Wedding Stationery Timeline & Guide

Invitations, Save The Date's, Thank You's, OH MY!

For as long as we can remember we've been executing the art of the invitation since we were able to walk, talk and drive our parents crazy. So when it comes to your big Wedding Day, invitations should be just as easy as inviting your friend over to watch the new episode of your favorite TV show- that's why I've created this simple timeline and guide so you know who to invite where and when!

Even though we are as technologically advanced as we are now in 2017 between smartphone capabilities and paper saving digital invites, a lot of planning must still be done at the right time so your guests can plan accordingly.

Here is when you should send what pretty little piece of paper to who:

1- Engagement Party Invitation

When To Party: 12 Months before the Wedding

When To Invite: One - Two Months before the Engagement Party

Who To Invite: Friends and Family (this is your super exclusive VIP list of close friends and family)

2- Save The Date

When To Invite: Nine - Twelve Months before the Wedding

Who: Everyone lucky enough to be invited to your Wedding

3- Order Invitations

When To Order: Six - Nine Months before the Wedding

4- Mail Invitations


When To Mail Out-Of-Town Invites: Eight Weeks before the Wedding

When To Mail Local Invites: Six Weeks before the Wedding

♥Insert Wedding of your Life Here♥

5- Mail Thank You Cards

When To Mail: Six - Eight Weeks after the Wedding

And now that you have a complete guide on who, what and when to invite where- you should be able to conquer those invites with ease!

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